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10x10 New Play Festival at Barrington Stage Company, 2012


Emily Taplin Boyd...was wonderful as a Russian “model” in thigh high hooker boots. She managed instantly to create an indelible character in a sketch that we would love to see expanded." - Charles Giuliano, Berkshire Fine Arts

"In "Total Expression", Emily Taplin Boyd finally had a chance to really shine as Katerina, a Russian model with few modeling jobs but great survival skills." - Larry Murray, Berkshire on Stage

"Among the anthology’s other successes: Maureen McGranaghan’s very knowing "Tenderness," [featuring] Taplin Boyd in a smartly shaped performance...and Marisa Smith’s "Total Expression" [with] an absolutely delightful Taplin Boyd." - Jeff Borak, The Berkshire Eagle

"The third play, "Tenderness"... introduces romance and sex in combination...the outcome is lovely and touching and shows some finesse on the part of...the actors... Emily Taplin Boyd performs all of the critical emotional moments beautifully..." - J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

The Real Thing

(reading), 2012

A reading of Tom Stoppard”s “The Real Thing” at Barrington Stage was deftly done... Young actors Emily Taplin Boyd and Mark J. Sullivan were vivid and virtuosic respectively in their appearances. This was a performance which had its completeness and left us well-satisfied. - Keith Kibler, The Berkshire Review

What the Butler Saw at the Gallery Players, 2010

“Boyd is perfectly suited as Miss Barclay, sweetly sounding the voice of right and reason to Dr. Prentice, regardless of the mess he put her in.”

- Julie Feltman, ‘Theatre is Easy’ Blog

“...Material that could seem outdated is rendered fresh. Much of the thanks for that should be directed toward Emily Taplin Boyd ...[who] reminded me that women in theater are occasionally allowed to be funny. It's so refreshing.”

- J. Jordan,

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